About the Chef


I live to eat. Wait. Scratch that. I live to eat, like a king. I could never just eat to get full. I had to have the tastiest part of the Sunday Roast Chicken or nothing at all. My mom learnt very fast that this girl was never going to grow unless she got her fill of all her favourite foods. And that, really, is the story of my life. I can’t settle for second best when it comes to my stomach and if I’m craving something, I have to have it. But reality eventually hit that I couldn’t rely on mom to appease my insatiable appetite for good food forever. I had no choice but to take matters into my own hands. That’s where my culinary adventure began. (Read more)

When I was a girl, I was never exposed to Parma ham or grilled & marinated artichokes, or seared scallops or tuna sashimi, but I was under the impression that crumbed, fried perlemoen and crayfish were just your average weekend meals. So I was definitely not deprived of good food. But as I got older, and the further I dove into the ocean of sweet and savoury delights, the more I realized just how many more tasty morsels were out there patiently waiting for me to jump right in. That’s when it dawned on me. If I wanted to sample everything, I was going to have to get cooking, get watching, get reading, get travelling and get restaurant frequenting.

The pot thickens though. I mean plot. Because when I started taking photos of my meals, I realized how obsessed I was, not only with eating delicious food, but also with eating delicious-looking food. That cucumber half had to be at just the right angle; that pasta was not complete without some fresh herbs sprinkled on top; that plate had way too much gravy splatter on the edges. Then, in a short space of time, people were loving my photos, requesting my recipes and Share Sunday Lunch was reposting my photos on Instagram. So the next obvious step in sharing my ever-growing passion for food, in all it’s glory, was to start a food blog!

Do me the honour of joining me, Lauren Joshua, on my quest to satisfy my uncontrollable hunger for beautiful cuisines. I’ll be cooking up a storm of old favorites (paired with a bit of reminiscing) and exploring new taste and texture combinations. I’ll also be reviewing products, restaurants, festivals and markets. I’ll even share some of my budget and corner cutting secrets along the way.


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