Dragon Fiery Ginger Beer: Feel the burn!

It’s not everyday that one of your absolute favourite brands sends you something for free. But two weeks ago, I was one of the lucky few to have actually experienced such a day, when I received a complimentary delivery from the Dragon Brewing Company: a 24 pack of 440ml Dragon Fiery Ginger Beers. All because a little nobody like me dedicated a post to them on Instagram. To show them just how bowled over I was by this gesture, I decided to share my bounty with my colleagues and write a full review for them on my blog. In doing so, I’m hoping to convert as many people as possible, especially Durbanites to Dragon Fiery Ginger Beer lovers.


I’m born and raised Cape Tonian, and I don’t have nearly as many good childhood memories linked to other soft drinks as I do to Ginger Beer. Every family braai next to the pool. Every summer day spent at Silver Mines or Tokai Forest. Every New Years day at Kirstenbosch Gardens. Every Friday afternoon after school spent with my Gran, eating Pick n Pay pies and drinking our Stoney’s in the car under a nearby tree. Every time my grandpa was asked how he is: “fair to fine, sort of middling” while drinking a ginger beer he had just added extra sugar to. Mad!

Now, living in Durban and asking locals about whether they enjoy ginger beer or not, it’s become apparent that Ginger Beer might be more of a Cape Town thing. When asked if they like ginger beer, most Durbanites have an “on the fence” response. Some even look like they’ve just been force-fed a spoonful of horrible medicine. Ginger! In a soft drink?! Why?!

Because it’s incredible, that’s why! That uniquely distinct burn, that indescribable spiciness, that celebratory fizziness and that satisfying sweetness: the perfect combination to literally take your breath away. This was probably one of the first recipes to combine sweet and savoury with a success story.

Now that I’m all grown up, soft drinks are fine, but what really gets the party started is a little percentage. So imagine my excitement when I first discovered Dragon Fiery Ginger Beer with 5% alcohol! It’s become a favourite of mine at Union Square in Broadway, and Bellevue Café in Kloof, and is now also available at Buxtons La Cave Liquors in La Lucia Mall as single 440ml bottles or 4 packs to take with to braais or even enjoy after a long hard day at work.

For those of you that don’t really like the taste of alcohol and are partial to a fizzy drink, this one’s ideal for you. Lovers of sweet & savoury combinations, those obsessed with everything ginger, the adventurous, the brave, those who aren’t afraid to put some hair on their chests, and all those Stoney Ginger Beer die hards out there, this one’s for you too

The Dragon Brewing Company’s story started 3 years ago in a garage in Cape Town, believe it or not! Warren Harries-Jones, the founder of Dragon, had a boundless love for ginger beer and a dream of producing a successful home-brewed alcoholic ginger beer, but he also had a day job to endure. Through persistence, dedication and tenacity, he and his team were able to overcome this and all sorts of other barriers, and skyrocket from accidental chemical reaction explosions to explosions in sales. To date, they have sold over 60,000 bottles and retail through over 130 outlets nationally. With their traditional slow brewing process, selection of quality ingredients, and a lotta love, they have managed to produce a hugely popular drink that is slightly sweet and packs a serious ginger punch with a burn that is made to linger: perfect for both keeping it cool on a hot summer day, and for lighting a fire in your belly on a cold winter’s night.

To contact the Dragon Brewing Company for your closest retailer OR if you own a restaurant or pub and would like to stock Dragon Fiery Ginger Beer, check out their website http://www.dragonbrewingco.co.za/

Pssst…watch out for their other two variants: Dragon Fiery Apple & Double Dragon!

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 11.58.36 AM


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