Passionate about Pawpaw Salad


I really hope that I’m starting to convert some of you meat-lovers to at least side salad considerers (If that wasn’t a word before, it is now). I’d also like to think I’ve convinced at least a few people that salads really don’t have to be boring, don’t always have to be vegetable focused, and can sometimes even be hero-ed by a prime piece of meat or fish, or in this case, fruit (I’m speaking to you, Eugene!). If I haven’t done that yet, then hopefully my next two salad recipes will win you over!

I absolutely ADORE fruit, as I’m sure you’ve noticed! There is nothing better for me than starting my work day with some silky smooth, sweet mango chunks in some plain yoghurt, or biting into a cold, juicy fruit on a boiling hot day. It both quenches your thirst and satisfies that craving for something sweet (and it’s healthy which is a bonus). If I was ever marooned on an island, as long as there was ample tuna to be caught (for sashimi) and a variety of fruit to be picked, I’ll at least be perfectly happy in the dinner department, while being attacked by monster mosquitoes or being caught in a monsoon. 😉

So, here is another fruit salad recipe that I came across in that Woolworths Taste, Summer Cookbook that I love so much, with a few ingredients changed up (because ain’t nobody in Durban got cash for a few tiny R50 balls of Buffalo Mozzarella).


Ingredients (serves 4): 

  • 1 large, sweet, ripe and firm pawpaw (peeled and cut into 2cm thick slices)
  • a few Buffalo Mozzarella balls (or good quality, very cold, ordinary mozzarella) (torn in long strips)
  • 2 passion fruits (halved)
  • 2 radishes (cut three ways)
  • basil leaves (for garnishing)
  • a few sweet orange segments (I didn’t add this originally, but I think this was the missing ingredient for a perfectly balanced fruit salad)



  • Combine all dressing ingredients and taste test to check if you need more of anything
  • Place the pawpaw, orange segments and mozzarella strips onto serving dishes
  • Scatter the radish pieces over the top, along with a few basil leaves and spoonful’s of passion fruit pulp
  • Drizzle lightly with dressing (the mint can be overpowering so try a bit first, then add more if it needs it)
  • Serve as starter or a side to fish cakes & enjoy!



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